ONE Trials Dual-Temperature, Controlled-Atmosphere Containers

ONE Trials Dual-Temperature, Controlled-Atmosphere Containers

Ocean Network Express (ONE) in collaboration with Pan Pacific International Holdings (PPIH), has launched the world’s first dual-temperature reefer container with controlled atmosphere functionality. 

In what marks a significant step forward for reefer container shipping, the new dual-temperature container will be used to transport various types of perishable goods and fruits from Japan to the overseas stores of Don Quijote (which are operated by PPIH), the largest Japanese discount store chain. 

The dual atmosphere within the container is primarily established through the use of a foldable partition. Situated within the middle of the inside of the container, this partition acts as a temperature barrier. 

With the container divided into two, the compartment nearest to the refrigeration unit can be used for temperatures ranging from chilled to frozen (-30ºC to +30ºC).

The other compartment - furthest away from the refrigeration unit - can support chilled temperatures to just below freezing (-5ºC to +30ºC). This compartment is supplied with chilled air via a thermal fan routed through the ceiling of the container. 

The location of the foldable partition can be adjusted to make the individual sections larger or smaller as required. If a dual-atmosphere is not required, the partition can be folded away, leaving a standard reefer container. 

This new type of reefer container is expected to be trialled imminently, transporting delicate cargoes to PPIH’s 43 stores across six Asian countries. The container is expected to be particularly useful for those countries that have only a handful of PPIH stores (such as Thailand and Malaysia), where container loading efficiency and concomitant reductions in transport costs are especially valued. 

The project is being supported via a subsidy from Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. 

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