Fire and Flooding Surveys

Together with our fire experts, Brookes Bell’s marine engineers are able to investigate a range of fire incidents including engine room fires and explosions and assess the nature and extent of damage. 

Thermographic surveys can also be arranged and used for loss prevention and to support investigations.

Our naval architects and marine engineers can jointly investigate the flooding of machinery spaces and cargo compartments. 

What’s more, our expert team is also able to help assess the nature and extent of damage to project cargoes where machinery and structures are involved.

Our team is able to investigate a broad range of fire and flooding incidents, such as: 

  • Battery fires
  • Chemical fires 
  • Fuel fires
  • EV fires on Ro-Ro vessels
  • Superheating incidents

Are you in need of a fire or flooding survey? Then speak to Brookes Bell and find out how our team can help.

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