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Matthew Calveley
Matthew Calveley

Laboratory Manager

BEng (Hons), MSc

work Bidston

work +44 151 236 0083
cell +44 7464 497213

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Career Summary

Matthew Calveley is a the Laboratory Manager and Senior Metallurgist with an honours degree in forensic engineering and has carried out marine and industrial based failure investigations since 2008. 


Matthew graduated in 2008 with a BEng (Hons) degree in forensic engineering and a MSc Corrosion Control Engineering (University of Manchester).  In addition to material science/metallurgy his degree focused on aspects of law, including the role of an expert witness and business/manufacturing matters, such as quality procedures.  During his time at university, Matthew gained experience operating electron microscopes which he now uses as an investigative tool. 

After university he worked for a marine engineering and testing unit, providing metallurgical consultation and carrying out marine and industrial-based failure investigations.  Matthew has experience of destructive and non-destructive testing techniques and the qualification of weld procedures.  Prior to joining Brookes Bell, Matthew worked as a process metallurgist for a multi-national company supplying nickel-based corrosion-resistant alloys for oil and gas.  Matthew has a good working knowledge of laboratory operations and quality procedures.  

Matthew has carried out numerous investigations on-site and, in the laboratory, and has produced expert witness reports for the purpose of litigation. 

Academic Qualifications 

  • BEng (Hons) Forensic Engineering Upper Second Class Degree classification (Sheffield Hallam University) 
  • MSc Corrosion Control Engineering (University of Manchester) 

Professional Memberships 

  • Member of the Welding Institute 
  • Member of the Institute of Metals, Minerals and Mining 
  • Member of National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) 

Previous Employment History 

  • Premier Hytemp Ltd (Murray Metals) 
  • Atlantic Engineering Ltd 
  • Materials, Engineering and Research Institute (MERI) 

Surveying and Consultancy Experience 

  • Advice on corrosion prevention/protection. 
  • Advice on corrosion of ships' structure. 
  • Advice on the safe storage of corrosive substances, including sulphuric acid and phosphoric acid. 
  • Attendance at shipyard in the Asia Pacific region to investigate welding procedures used in the construction of new-builds. 
  • Bearing failures including examination of slewing bearings and roller elements. 
  • Examination of cargo tanks and holds to ascertain nature of corrosion damage. 
  • Failure of main engine bearing journals and evaluation of recent repair/re-metalling process. 
  • Fatigue failure of main engine components, determining cause. 
  • Hydrogen embrittlement of main engine crankshaft. 
  • Industrial-based failure/corrosion investigations.  High temperature corrosion. 
  • Investigation of crane failures including failure of wire ropes. 
  • Investigating corrosion of fuel tanks. 
  • Steel products – alleged seawater damage. 

Courses/Conferences Attended

  • Developments in Rolling Bearing Fatigue 
  • Marine Structural Failures 
  • Oilfield Metallurgy 
  • Hull Inspection, Damage and Repair 
  • Corrosion Fatigue Developments 
  • 4th International Conference on Thermal Mechanical Processing of Steels 
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